. Ronald R. O. Anane

Director For Administration

Need for School Health Services.
 Schools bring together large populations of students and staff with needs for first aid management, detection of contagious diseases, routine medication administration, specialized health care procedures for students with special health care needs, and so forth. To address these issues, some of which are legislative mandates, a system needs to be in place to reduce risks and liability. In addition, because education and health are linked, health services are needed to promote student health and prevent disease. Therefore, although the primary goal of schools is education, basic school health services are an essential component of today’s education program. Roles and responsibilities for school health services should be considered by school authorities and management.

Our Benefits
1. An active mini clinic would be established on campus to address student’s health related problems.
2. The student’s health burden on management would be known and addressed by our medical team.
3. Prompt and robust referral system would be in place to address medical conditions which would be above the clinic.
4. Periodic medical screening for the students at least once in a year.
The unnecessary sick leaves which disturb learning would be catered for by our outfit.
5. The staff of the school will be motivated by the care received from the clinic which will increase productivity.
The institution will fulfill its responsibility by helping meet the health needs of its students and staff.

On site mini clinic

We will build a system with the requisite expertise and logistics to make the clinic meet the health needs of the students and the teaching staff on campus.

Medical staff
There will be at least one professional nurse to begin with who is trained to manage emergencies and complications.
We would provide at least one medical doctor who will visit the Clinic to review serious cases.

Medications and Medical Equipment
The Hospital will equip the clinic with all the necessary medications (drugs) and equipment that would enable it to meet the health needs of the school.
Emergency Situations Requiring Referral
Prompt and robust referral system would be in place to address medical conditions which would be above the clinic. The Firstcare hospital will be the first referral point for this program for all emergency case.