About us

FirstCare Health Services, to fulfill its corporate responsibilities, has extended its business tentacle to reach the corporate world, families and individuals by designing medical plans which come in different packages. These medical plans are designed to fulfill its strategic intent which is to ensure delivery of most competitive and unbeatable health services in the northern part of Ghana. Our commitment towards healthcare delivery means we can offer you greater choice with a flexible payment plan than ever before. A monthly bill would be prepared for staff who utilize our services or can arrange for a 'pay as you go' package.

FirstCare Services Limited has as its proprietary philosophy that the effective configuration of key human and material resources and core competences in any health organization will definitely lead to excellent performance.

Our policy guidelines accordingly emphasize as a priority, the hiring of competent health services and officers that will play together to materialize this cardinal philosophy.

The strategic intent or vision of FirstCare is therefore to ensure delivery of the most competitive and unbeatable health services in the northern part of Ghana.

We share in Your Trust and Confidence by delivering humane, efficient and effective services by well-trained, friendly, highly motivated and client focused personnel.

The primary goals of FirstCare Health Services Ltd are to ;
•    Provide high quality, state-of-the-art, patient-centered, and cost-effective clinical care.
•    Eradicate health problems of the communities within our catchment area in the short term and beyond in the long term. 
•    Provide effective diagnostic and treatment services for curative purposes.
•    Provide competitive nursing care for our patients.
•    Facilitate healing by providing a conducive atmosphere for comfort and rest.
•    Research and advise the community on the common diseases in the community and the preventive measures to be adopted.
•    Give precedence to patients’ satisfaction.