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None of us likes to think about falling ill, but making provision for the worst can save a lot of worry and stress if it does happen. FirstCare Health Services fulfilling its corporate responsibilities has extended its business tentacle to reach the corporate world, families and individuals by designing medical plans which come in different packages. These medical plans are design to fulfill its strategic intent which is to ensure delivery of most competitive and unbeatable health services in the northern part of Ghana.

a.    Cooperate Medical Plan
This plan gives our clients the benefit of living their lives and going about their activities without having to worry of the costs of healthcare for themselves and their staffs. This will help you with the relief and assurance to know that there is a package to help you resolve health problems and their cost since sickness or ill health is unplanned.
We’ve enhance our health system to offer companies and organization medical care for their staff. We are committed to offer you and your employee better care and support. FirstCare hospital is also very much aware that healthy staff is a great investment to your company. So if you are looking forward to cover your employees to help ensure they get back to work as quickly as possible, or you’re looking to increase your employee benefits package. Our commitment towards healthcare delivery means we can offer you greater choice with a flexibly payment than ever before. A monthly bill would be prepared for staffs who utilized our services.

b.    Families Medical Plan
As part of our ongoing efforts to improve access to health care in the country, we are subsidizing the start-up operations to family medicine practices. We will be responsible for ensuring the general healthcare of our clients and create a viable and affordable healthcare and will focus on diagnosing and treating conditions of all ages while emphasizing preventative medicine and overall health and wellness of our clients.

c.    Individual Medical Plan
When you choose an individual medical plan, you have the flexibility to choose coverage that’s right for your needs and budgets. You can choose health coverage with familiar features that will allow you to contribute to a Health Savings Account. We also offer Short Term Medical plans designed to provide affordable coverage while you wait for more permanent coverage to begin.

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