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This department strives to establish the objectives of the Hospital by undertaking strategic decisions and ensuring the effective implementation of policies. One of its tasks is the service of successful operation of the hospital and reviewing policies and procedures of all hospital departments through quality and participation in supervising all projects to be performed at the hospital, and follow-up of carrying out recommendations provided in minutes of meetings of main committees of the hospital as well as performing procedures of researches and studies to serve the hospital mission and objectives in addition to acting as consultative department to hospital's management.

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Billing / Revenue

The department functions round the clock for the convenient services to the patients coming to the Hospital. It is fully computerized with networks to other departments in the Hospital. The department creates and maintains a pleasant atmosphere to the patients coming to the Hospital. It maintains a transparency in bills and in its records. Because of it crucial role it has been put at accessible and central position.

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Catering and Food Services

This section provides catering and food services to patients and accompanying individuals as well as hospital staff.

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Diagnostic centre

The Department functions round the clock with efficient technicians. It maintains its quality as the best diagnostic centre which support the various department with it accurate investigating findings. It is now a referral unit for many Hospitals functioning in the surroundings.

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General Clinic

Well motivated medical officers with a lot them having family medicine as their specialization are manning the general cases in the hospital. The determination and experience approach of our medical officers in the consulting rooms give the patient or the client the relief to express his or herself which help to achieve a comprehensive treatment and speedily recovery. The good working condition in the hospital aids management to retain its medical staffs to ensure continuity of proper care for our clients. Our favorable working atmosphere promotes smooth internal and external referrals and also ensures free movement of patients and clients.

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The department is well equipped with automated and advanced equipments. It functions round the clock with results of International Standards. It has state of the art equipments to carry out tests that yield accurate results.

Blood Bank
This department is a sub department under the laboratory which seeks to support the medical team with a backup in case of any emergency. We draw, process, and deliver blood to the various departments that may need them.

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It attends to all breakdowns and repairs in all the departments of the Hospital. The department does general and specific days to day checkups for any anticipated small and major breakdowns. Electrical, Plumbing, Biomedical and Welding sub divisions are working efficiently in the department. By this the hospital is assured of a smooth running.

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Maternity wards provide antenatal care, care during childbirth and postnatal support. Antenatal clinics provide monitoring for both routine and complicated pregnancies.
High-dependency units can offer one-to-one care for women who need close monitoring when there are complications in pregnancy or childbirth

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Maxilla Facial Procedures

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